Most Recommended Desktop Bitcoin Wallets for Canadians in 2018

//Most Recommended Desktop Bitcoin Wallets for Canadians in 2018

Are you looking to join the world of bitcoin, you are from Canada and are looking for the right wallet for you? The decision between all of the different types of wallets can be pretty tricky and is something that definitely varies, so it is worth giving it a bit of thought. One of those different types of wallets is the desktop bitcoin wallet. This is a kind of software that you are able to install on your computer, and the great thing is that most wallets are available for Windows, Mac and even Linux, which means you will be able to use this kind of wallet regardless of the operating system of your computer. Keep on reading for a few great desktop wallet options for Canadians.


This is probably the most popular wallet of its kind out there and the biggest reasons for that have to be the speed with which it runs as well as the ease with which it can be used. You get great features like connecting through Tor, very handy integration with hardware wallets, multi-signature wallets and much more. If you happen to have a computer that you can use offline, then another great thing that you can do with Electrum is use is as cold storage, which can also be super handy.

MultiBit HD

As far as a desktop bitcoin wallet goes, this one is pretty straightforward and simple. You get all of the great features that you would need from this kind of wallet, such as that great integration with hardware wallets that we mentioned earlier, and in this case, those are the Trezor and KeepKey hardware wallets. Another great perk is that the wallet works pretty fast which is why a lot of users love it.


If you are someone that has a bit more technological experience, then this is the one for you because that is actually something about this wallet that can scare less experienced users. However, the fact that this wallet is so technically advanced means that it has some of the best features and that it is the most mature one out there. You can use it to store thousands of dollars’ worth of bitcoin as an individual user, or it can even be used by institutions that store millions of dollars’ worth of bitcoin and the reason that so many institutions feel that it is okay for them to use it is because it is incredibly safe, which is a good sign for any individual that wants to use it.

Choosing the right bitcoin wallet can be very difficult so we hope that the suggestions we have given you above will help you out when making your own choice. And always remember, that just because a certain wallet worked for someone else, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you as well, so definitely do your own research before committing.

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