IF You Are Wondering Where To Buy Etherium in Canada – We Got Few Exchanges to Offer

//IF You Are Wondering Where To Buy Etherium in Canada – We Got Few Exchanges to Offer

Since crypto currencies are so popular right now, there are a ton of new ones coming out all the time. One of the more famous ones, apart from Bitcoin, is Ethereum and it is a cryptocurrency that comes with a lot of cool features that make it stand out and those same features give you a lot more play room with this currency than just buying and selling it. This is a pretty popular crypto currency and there are already a ton of places where you can go and get your hands on it, so if you are interested in where to buy Ethereum in Canada, then keep on reading.

Cryptopia Cyptocurrency Exchange

We are starting off with a great option that is meant for anyone that wants to exchange crypto currencies by using those same crypto currencies as a payment method. The Cryptopia Cryptocurrency Exchange is a New Zealand-based exchange that is the perfect place to go to when you want to sell hundreds of different crypto currencies with very minimal verification being required. And when we say hundreds of crypto currencies, we mean it because apart from BTC, ETH, NEO, LTC, BCH, OMG, GNT, XMR there are over five hundred other ones available, so you will definitely find yourself being spoiled for choice.

Cryptonit Cryptocurrency Exchange

Although this is an exchange that doesn’t offer as many cryptocurrency options as the previous contender on this list, something that a lot of people appreciate about this particular option is the fact that there are a lot of payment methods that are available. PayPal, OKPAY, WebMoney, Western Union, Wire transfer, Payeer and Paxum are just some of the available options that you will be able to choose from. The fiat currencies that are available are the US dollar and the euro and you will be able to choose between Bitocin, Litecoin, Z Cash, Ethereum and other currencies. Another great thing is that once you choose your preferred crypto currency, it will be delivered straight to your wallet of choice.

Mercatox Cryptocurrency Exchange

When speaking about where to buy Ethereum in Canada, this is a peer-to-peer kind of options that is really great. This platform will give you the opportunity to exchange a variety of different crypto currencies like BTC, DASH, VERI, DCN, BCH, NIO, ETH and over 80 others. There are several different payment methods that you can use, like OKPay, Yandex Money and Cryptocurrency and USD, RUB and EUR are the available fiat currencies.

With so many great options of where to buy Ethereum in Canada out there it can be tough for you to go through all of them and make the right decision. We hope that by separating a few of them, it will make your decision much easier and we also hope that you find this article helpful.

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